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Every talented, hard-working business owner
deserves to succeed, and KJA is here to make that happen



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Jidan Cleaning

Environmental Services

Jidan Cleaning was moving from a small Philadelphia-based business into an East Coast powerhouse, but the administrative workload was taking a toll. Processes that used to work well became overloaded and things were being missed. Without scalable processes, it was only a matter of time before client services would suffer, hurting the future of the business.

Jidan Cleaning management knew they needed support and called in Kiisha Jennings to solve their workflow blockage. Kiisha learned existing company procedures, identified long-term goals, and began establishing new, efficient workflows.

Kiisha was instrumental in standardizing new client and staff onboarding, improving the proposal management pipeline, automating processes wherever possible, and establishing critical administrative standards and timelines.

As part of her business process improvement service, Kiisha also coordinated standardized branded materials, internal templates, and sales processes. Kiisha’s organizational and business development expertise helped Jidan Cleaning make real operational improvements that streamlined their growth, removing obstacles as they quickly grew to serve markets in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey within just a few short years.




Booker DiMaio

Data Engineering

This data engineering company, run by married couple Sean and Maria Booker, was growing fast. From government contracts to product sales, the management team was thrilled with the new opportunities but struggling with the added pressure of ongoing client relations and administration.

The Bookers retained Kiisha Jennings to develop and maintain excellence in client relations as their operations scaled. Kiisha quickly assessed Booker DiMaio’s existing client management strategies and worked closely with the executive and engineering teams to develop a strong and scalable client relations plan, including communications, government contract execution, certifications and compliance, and long-term client management.

Acting as a liaison for Booker DiMaio’s highest profile clients, Kiisha successfully helped the Booker DiMaio brand retain its excellence in customer relations and develop a plan for continued growth.

In addition to strategic client relations, Kiisha’s services also expanded to employee management and engagement, proposal and sales development, and vendor coordination. Kiisha’s expertise and dedication continue to benefit Booker DiMaio as their company reports higher revenues every year.



HoCo Chamber.png

Howard County 

Chamber of Commerce

The Howard County Chamber of Commerce has been hosting its annual Cyber Conference for several years. In 2016, the Chamber decided it needed KJA as a project manager to implement processes for all the moving parts of a successful conference.


Things were looking dire until fearless operational leader Kiisha Jennings took over. She quickly established steps and timelines, developed a budget, and organized the venue, agenda, website, speakers, registration, sponsors, and marketing.

These new processes included delegation to appropriate Chamber of Commerce members and a lot of collaborative team work. During Kiisha's tenure over the last six years, she has helped establish effective schedules, planning, and team coordination.


With this expert leadership, the 2016 event was wildly successful with overflowing positive feedback for Kiisha’s dynamic support. She was retained every year thereafter to hit projected targets for the event, raise more and more sponsorships, and continue promoting efficient workflows across the organization.

OI LOGO 1.png



Occasions, Inc

Event Management

Occasions, Inc. (OI), a woman-owned event management firm had several loyal clients, yet their growth had plateaued. As a recent graduate of the SBA program, the owner knew she needed strategic business support to pivot focus and develop further, so she reached out to K. Jennings & Associates for Brand Development. 


After an initial review of all marketing materials, social media, website, and other company profile content, Kiisha realized the current materials didn’t reflect OI’s past performance and true capabilities. Online marketing was also minimal, with almost no audience or marketing channels. Working closely with the executive leadership, Kiisha made viable recommendations and established a marketing plan to put OI on the map. 

Together with marketing, writing, and visual experts, the K. Jennings & Associates team instituted a website overhaul, updated branding, created social media profiles and a blog, and designed new flyers and other marketing materials. Consistency and fresh brand continuity were key in making OI’s voice heard. Through organic audience growth on social media, the blog, email marketing campaigns, and in-person connections, OI quickly expanded their reach. 


With KJA’s direct marketing assistance, OI was able to find new clients, establish their authority in the industry, and explore new opportunities. KJA also became a program management resource, helping navigate huge industry events, and managed client relations effectively to ensure their promise of excellence in event services was expertly carried out. KJA’s services were instrumental in Occasions, Inc. achieving the next step for their business. 




Green GCO Logo.webp

Greene & Co.

Property Management

A Maryland realtor with a passion for home stability, G. Greene started a property management company designed to bring property owners and the perfect renters together. Unlike other Brand Development clients, Greene & Co. was starting 100% fresh, with no brand voice or plan, and G. Greene wasn’t sure where to go next.  

Kiisha and her team quickly got to work learning about this woman-owned enterprise, developing a brand identity, and establishing an online presence.

Kiisha carefully tailored the new marketing plan to comply with State of Maryland industry requirements, highlight Greene & Co.’s unique differentiators, and stand out among their competitors. Kiisha’s team created a beautiful and unique new logo, developed a modern website, and created a social media presence for the new company, 


Within months of Gabbi’s decision to start a business, she had an established brand presence with a plan for steady growth. Her modern, sleek website and consistent social media demonstrated her professionalism and industry authority, putting her on a path to upward growth. 

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