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Construction Management

Updated: Feb 7

Construction leaders face unique challenges in today's post-pandemic environment with supply and labor shortages making growth difficult. Despite these obstacles, Kiisha has been hard at work facilitating new projects for her clients across the Northeast. She's successfully helped her clients navigate project management, compliance, subcontractors, site visits, budget constraints, and tight timelines. 


  • Oversight of project timeline and customer relations to ensure final cleaning services are rendered in accordance with project specifications.

  • Oversight of subcontractors (Angel Companion) to ensure adequate labor force is available for the requested cleaning services.

  • Contract compliance with required certifications (Prime and Subs) including Prevailing Wage Requirements, Punch List, and preparing SubK Agreements for CEO review and execution.

  • Site visits to meet with Project Manager and Supervisor for review of project, change in schedules, and development of new timeliness as necessary.

  • Budget Oversight: Ensures contract's agreed-upon pricing is maintained and notifications to client for any changes in services that may impact costs.

  • Oversight of client requirements for timely payments.

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