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Workflow & Process | Business Planning & Development | Client Relations | Marketing & Brand Development

Workflow and Process

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Streamline outdated processes by removing obstacles and automating workflows.

Some of the most promising companies struggle with broken internal structures. Don’t let administrative and logistical inefficiencies bring you down - Kiisha will identify and align your problem areas, giving you a streamlined system with automated workflows, modernized procedures, and consistent standards. Reduce waste, improve services, and increase revenue! 


Jidan Cleaning was moving from a small Philadelphia-based business into an East Coast powerhouse, but the administrative workload was taking a toll. Processes that used to work well became overloaded and things were being missed. Without scalable processes, it was only a matter of time before client services would suffer, hurting the future of the business. View Full Case Study Here

Business Planning and Development

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Know where you’re going with growth-oriented processes and informed business planning. 

Starting a business? Pivoting to a new region or service? Expanding in scope or rebranding? No matter the reason, every major business change comes with new challenges and potential risks. An effective business plan and development strategy is key to setting goals, identifying action plans, managing risk, and establishing long-term growth. 

Client Relations

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Maintain service excellence across diverse needs with improved communications, processes, and client relations. 

Managing high-profile or diverse client bases can quickly drain resources, leading to subpar services and affecting revenue. Give your clients the attention and support they deserve with KJA. Kiisha and her team will establish client service quality standards, improve communications, and provide other client liaison services so you can rest easy knowing the future of your business is cared for.


This data engineering company, led by Sean and Maria Booker, was growing fast. From government contracts to product sales, the management team was thrilled with the new opportunities but struggling with the added pressure of ongoing client relations and administration. View Full Case Study Here

Marketing and Brand Development

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Identify a voice, establish a presence, and develop your marketing strategies

KJA works closely with company leadership to specifically identify a brand voice, logo design, and marketing plan. Whether you’re first establishing yourself or going through a rebranding, Kiisha’s team of marketing experts will identify the printed, in-person, and digital marketing channels appropriate for your goals and future success.

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