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Institute for Women Entrepreneur Excellence, Inc. (IWEE) Leading Women Program

We're so excited to share the Institute for Women Entrepreneur Excellence, Inc. (IWEE) Leading Women Program! Power, Promise, & Opportunity encompass the multifaceted treasures of small business to the Women of IWEE.

Hosted by TEDCO, this program is for female founders, co-founders, and CEOs of start-ups or ventures whose companies are between $100K and $10M in revenue.

IWEE's mission is to build an alliance of diverse founders and CEOs to enable promising women business leaders to focus on unique challenges for female entrepreneurs. By 2025, they want to create a network of women entrepreneurs that enables future generations of women to achieve their professional goals, strengthening the Maryland entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Kiisha was thrilled to attend a recent session called, "Closing the Gender Gap Unconscious Bias". She spoke with fellow women entrepreneurs about their passion and how to cultivate a comfortable space for their purpose for destined opportunities.

JOIN the next session: Strategies for Success on May 21-24, 2024 at Mindgrub in Baltimore, MD.

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