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Yoba Development From The Ground Up: Flipping The Hood

Updated: May 13

Organization: Yoba Development

Services Provided: Event and Program Management

  • KJA helped Yoba Development with event and program management at its immersive, two-day generational wealth building conference, focused on educating and connecting attendees. Through mentorships, scholarships, job opportunities, and networking, the event inspired and empowered the next generation of entrepreneurs.

KJA is proud to partner with and support Yoba Development!

Started by actor, educator, and emerging real estate developer Dr. Malik Yoba, this incredible mission-driven organization is committed to building community through education and sustainable, affordable property development. Check them out!

Starting tomorrow, #yobadevelopment will be presenting From the Ground Up: Flipping the Hood. This first-of-its-kind event is an immersive, two-day generational wealth building conference that will focus on educating and connecting all who attend!

This community focused initiative brings together a diverse range of professionals and entrepreneurs of color to provide opportunities for both the community at large and students.

Through mentorships, scholarships, job opportunities, and networking, the event will inspire and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs to take action, learn, work and invest together for the sake of ownership and agency in their own communities.

Built by Yoba Development, this experience is designed to promote generational wealth building by informing, inspiring and empowering communities of color to take action, work together, share information and opportunities in the tech sector, government contracting, scholarships, create equity, access, investment and ownership in the commercial + residential real estate developments in our neighborhoods, as a pathway to build generational wealth collectively.

Please be advised that your ticket purchase for the event grants you access to both days of the event.

Proceeds helps support the Yoba Development Foundation's (501c3) school based and community education programs.

Follow Below to View the Program Schedule for this event

Founded in 2017, Yoba Development is a diversified portfolio company specializing in real estate, education, and media. As a mission-driven firm, we are committed to building human capacity through education while simultaneously pursuing sustainable and affordable mixed-use development projects in transitioning neighborhoods. Learn more here:

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