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Friendship Public Charter School (FCPS)

Updated: Mar 26

Organization: Yoba Development

Services Provided: Networking and Business Development

KJA supported Yoba Development's nonprofit mission by arranging and participating in a key collaborative event with Friendship Public Charter School (FCPS) in Washington, DC this month.

It was an insightful and relaxing way to share resources, network, and build the community up while learning about the vast FPCS network!

Yoba Development's slogan “Builder of People, Places and Things”, is its guiding principle because they understand that the first real estate any of us owns is in our minds, and therefore our first investment must be in education. For communities of color that traditionally do not have family histories in commercial real estate development, we believe we must lift as we climb. For us, this is the definition of “doing well while doing good”.

Learn more about Yoba Development here:

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